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Our research shows that 1-in-3 women struggle with thin hair that splits and sheds easily.

Over styling, ageing, stress, poor nutrition and pollution can disrupt our hair cycle - leaving it thin, lifeless and prone to breakage. That's where we come in! Hairburst comes packed with products that encourage your hair to stay in the growth phase for as long as possible.

Our award -winning vitamins, shampoos, growth and volume serums are all scientifically formulated to deliver an effective blend of essential vitamins and minerals that your hair needs-working from the inside out, from root to tip - promoting length and strength. so, what are you waiting for? Start your healthy hair jorney today!

All our product contain naturally derived and premium ingredients.


Of users noticed faster hair growth after using Hairburst*


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Said that their hair felt healthier after using Hairburst*


We Care About The Hair You Wear

When we say no nasties, we mean no nasties.

SLS & Paraben free

Cruelty Free

Premium and Naturally Derived

GMO Free